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Making The Most With Smartphone Marketing For Your Business



Mobile marketing has established a buzz in the advertising scene. Professionals are adapting this advertising strategy to mix with their current social marketing strategies to create an even greater mobile-friendly push.

What most marketers fall short to understand is how to optimize the capacity of this marketing technique. They believe that sending potential clients several SMS or MMS messages is all it requires to promote a successful mobile advertising campaign. If you are interested in succeeding in the mobile marketing space, take note of the pointers below.

  • Always have a strategy

Mobile advertising and marketing is largely the same as any form of standard advertising your company or business has been applying. In order to get it kick-started, it’s best to have a goal in mind. Ensure your approaches and methods are appropriate for your business and clientele. Always see to it that you are able to attract your prospective customers with your mobile advertisements and convince them (successfully) to attempt and acquire your products. Always make sure that in every mobile project, you are producing a need, not only a want, on their end.

  • Choose a mobile advertising and marketing platform

Today, there are several mobile advertising and marketing systems that you can attempt in order to release these advertising projects. There’s SMS messaging, MMS, push notifications, apps, web ads and more. Choose the one that would match your advertising and marketing plans as well as needs before you decide on exactly how to set about with the project.

Ensure you have the best sources, devices, and individuals to carry out the campaign as well as guarantee its success. If you choose to resort with SMS messaging, ensure you have your possible customers’ contact number so you can send your messages.

Besides that, you will additionally require some software application to do the mass distribution or sending out of the message with just one click. On the other hand, if you choose MMS projects, you need to create item pictures, video clips, clips and sounds. If you choose app productions, make certain you have somebody qualified to do mobile programming.

  • Try, Try, & Try Again

Mobile advertising is not an overnight wonder. Though the transmission of messages is done successfully because it is sent with to customer’s mobile phones, there is no guarantee for a favorable result. If you have actually sent your potential customers a text on a product or business upgrade, you might want to ensure that you are not spamming them. Otherwise, forget the fruition of any favorable results. Remember, this is a much more efficient and cost-efficient project than conventional advertising and marketing campaigns.

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Holiday Shoppers Want Their Money to Go to Good Businesses



More shoppers are looking to buy local products and support companies that align with their values, like Black Lives Matter and other movements.

A lot of small businesses got hurt when the coronavirus pandemic hit. The death of George Floyd has shed more light on racial inequality, and the result is that almost 60% of consumers are highly likely to shop in local stores or neighborhood shops for the holiday season. 

Many US consumers have responded to a survey saying that they are looking to buy locally sourced items this year, and some are looking to support companies that align with their values, as well. 

4 out of 10 respondents say that they’re looking to shop from minority-owned stores, and the same amount says that they support retailers that reinforce the Black Live Matter movement.

The pandemic has brought about difficult times for everyone, which is why most consumers are ensuring that the companies they buy from work hard to create a world where they want people to live. 

According to Aurora James, spending a dollar somewhere is voting for that item to keep existing, and in this pandemic world, a lot of companies aren’t going to be able to survive anymore, which is why every dollar spent really matters.

Major companies have taken notes and are now supporting small businesses by carrying their products in their store. Lowe’s has started a pitching contest to look for entrepreneurs who stand out and also provided millions of dollars for grants to minority-led businesses and small shops. 

James, a Brooklyn-based business owner, says that the pandemic has pushed consumers’ desire to shop local, whether through a major retailer holding products from a local shop or through a mom-and-pop store.

Most holiday shoppers want to give gifts that make them feel good about buying it because they know that they supported a small business and because they chose a gift that is appropriate for the person receiving it. 

Now, James is pushing big companies to assist Black-owned businesses because she was upset by the disruption of the pandemic towards these businesses. Aurora James pitched that major companies pitch at least 15% of their shelves for small businesses. 

Since the start of that petition, some companies like Sephora, Macy’s, and Rent The Runway have joined the pledge.

The support of consumers towards small businesses will decide if these stores can keep their business alive. 

Some shoppers have decided that they will shop from local businesses on Saturday, which people are now calling Small Business Saturday. This shopping event was pitched by American Express and was created to encourage shoppers to buy from their communities. 

Knowing how corporate America turns a blind eye towards some of these small businesses, but being sustainable and equitable is really good for businesses, and they’re still the right thing to do. 

So when you go shopping for your Christmas gifts, we hope you consider buying from local minority-owned businesses. 

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How Traders are Capitalizing on Virtual Reality Goggles



Bank trading is getting a tech twist. UBS is giving its London traders an opportunity to test out trading rooms by employing VR goggles from Microsoft.

Since the pandemic started, it goes without saying that corporations were not prepared, which in turn reduced the number of people reporting for work, and coming to banks. While the lockdowns have been lifted and some businesses are slowly opening, the risk of the COVID-19 cases spiking is not a threat to be taken likely, which is why banks like UBS have been looking into other ways to simulate a regular day in the bank.

Beatriz Martin, the chief executive of the UBS UK branch was the first to consider this idea and has suggested starting working groups to work on reimagining the trading floor and also set up screens on the trader’s desks alongside their coworkers to encourage collaboration. 

Some banks such as JPMorgan have attempted to bring their workers back to the office but have had to send some workers home after one of them tested positive for the coronavirus disease. 

Meanwhile, other banks such as Deutsche Bank have made returning to the office as voluntary to avoid the risk of spreading the virus around and that most workers can return to the office in the middle of 2021 when the virus has been contained. 

BlackRock’s chief executive Larry Fink does not expect 100% of the workers to return to the office with the current situation, which is why virtual reality tools would be helpful to aid productivity from the safety of their homes. 

How VR changes the system:

With COVID-19 as a threat, it’s only natural that people are warier about coming back to work in an office, which is why it’s convenient to incorporate virtual reality so that you can simulate a normal workday without risking your health, and the health of others. 

The good thing is that there are multiple companies that specialize in virtual reality, which means you have options to choose from, which works for you. Microsoft launched HoloLens in 2015, and while it was initially perceived to be a gaming device, with their headphones at a price of $3000 upwards, it has since been considered by companies to be a tool for communication.

The first bank to consider using HoloLens for their trading business was Citigroup, in 2016, they developed the Citi system which combined financial data with 3D holograms. While they were looking into making the graphics in a way where clients could interact with the data, Citigroup decided against using the headphones because they felt it was too limited in terms of battery life, display size, and processing function.

Banks are an essential business, and staying afloat is one of the most important things they should focus on when it comes to the pandemic, which is why implementing virtual reality is a good move to replicate trading rooms for bank traders and their current investor clients. 

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Less Plastic, More Life: How This Youth Leader Is Ending Bali Plastic Bags



Plastics, at one point in time, may have been a useful and normal part of everyday life. However, because plastics take forever to disintegrate, it has become a global ecological problem.

More often than not, these plastics end up polluting the environment and also end up killing animals who mistake them for food. Because of these environmental concerns, Melati Wijsen from Bali, Indonesia, decided to put a stop on single plastic use forever. And she’s just 18 years old.

The Genesis: Bye Bye Plastics!

Indonesia is the second world’s largest plastic producer next to China. Wijsen saw the ill-effects of single-plastic use in her hometown as plastics were everywhere! The side of the road, the rivers, and the canals – plastics were an eyesore to the popular tourist destination.

Still, the quality of environmental life in Indonesia was rapidly declining as plastic usage increased. Melati Wijsen, together with her sister, just came from a school video showing inspirational leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King when they were inspired to start doing something.

They then formed the non-profit organization called Bye Bye Plastics in 2014, where its primary objective is to ban the use of single-use plastics throughout the community. Their plan of action included encouraging their schoolmates to join their cause and often held meetings during lunchtime!

Within months, the Bye Bye Plastics team was able to mobilize communities to clean the polluted beaches with a whopping 50,000 people clearing more than 150 tons of plastics! Also, the team encouraged businesses to reduce their use of plastics.

By 2018, the team partnered with the Balinese government to ban the use of single-use plastics, which took effect in July 2019. At present, Bye Bye Plastic expanded globally, with 50 teams spread out in over 29 countries.

What’s Next?

Because of the success of Bye Bye Plastic in Indonesia, Wijsen became a prominent youth leader with a global audience. She has spoken to different youth leaders in various prominent platforms such as the United Nations conferences, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Economic Forum.

But she will not stop there. In an interview with Wijsen, she feels proud of her team’s accomplishment. Still, she feels frustrated that the world’s awakening about such a prominent environmental issue took six years in the making. She also vowed to assist with other youth-led initiatives.

Wijsen and her sister founded another non-profit organization, Youthtopia, where its primary objective is to have a support group among other budding youth leaders. It also aims to develop the skills of youth leaders through development activities, peer-learning activities, and online workshops.

To date, Youthtopia has catered to a multitude of youth leaders whose cause ranges from anti-human trafficking to Black Lives Matter foundation. In another interview, Wijsen mentioned that she has all the hope for the youth and their generation because of their passion for making an impact on the community.

When asked for advice to be given to youth leaders across the globe, Wijsen wisely mentioned three actionable steps to take to make an impact:

  • Empower Yourself
  • Collaborate with others
  • Reach out to leaders

Indeed, youth leaders such as Wijsen are inspiring figures not just for the youth but also for anyone—regardless of age, gender, and nationality, to do the right thing and make an impact on the community.

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